Accessible & Engaging

  • Held 50 Town hall meetings in my first term to give the community access to me and city resources and to have open communication to constituents.
  • Opened district office at MLK Center
  • Quarterly City Council Meetings in evening at local locations.
  • Listening & helping residents solve issues they care about.


  • Gained $67 Million in Bond Funds for District 7 streets & libraries.
  • Gained additional $50 Million in Bond Funds for Fair Park renovations.
  • Allocated $4 Million in bond funds for streets, sidewalks, curbs & gutters for Joppee community.

Economic Development

  • 5 new businesses brought 50 jobs
  • New housing, 250 new homes
  • Brought world renowned exhibition to the African American Museum gaining 80,000 visitors and economic impact of $2 million: Jefferson's Slavery at the Monticello
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Ethical. Experienced. Strong.

Kevin Felder has served Dallas for over 30 years fighting for voter and worker rights, against pollution and in the best interests of the people without compromise.

  • Supporting Police & Fire Department with starting pay of $60,000 annually.
  • Building housing and bringing jobs.
  • Improving Safety- closed code violation and crime ridden hot spot at car wash.
  • Voted against batch Plants that  prevented more pollution from further polluting Joppee  from locating there.
  • Voted against the Trinity River Toll Road and the environmental damage it threatened.

Building an Economic Engine at Fair Park

Fought for and Successfully negotiated $50 Million in renovations for Fair Park:

  • African American Museum $2 Million
  • Hall of State $14.4 Million
  • Music Hall $4.3 Million
  • Texas Discovery Garden $300k
  • Food & Fiber Building $ 1.5 Million
  • Coliseum $ 9.5 Million
  • Tower Building $ 3.5 Million
  • Centennial Building $ 4.4 Million
  • Pan American Arena $ 3.4 Million
  • Science Place 1 Phase 1 $ 5.1 Million
  • Aquarium Annex $ 600k
  • Magnolia Lounge $ 900k
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Get Involved!

Volunteer just 2-4 hours and help get the word out. Every vote counts!